Lion Eyes -  Jennifer Ashley

I biggest issue with this series is that there are parts of it self published (and one mainstream entry only available in e-book. Why?!). This makes for an unevenness that goes beyond the whole odd sized not-quite-trade pb juxtapositioned with mmp. The editing is off. Some sentences have words repeated in such a fashion that they make no sense.


At least in this one, we aren't smacked constantly with the inequality.


So the h, attempting to make new friends since she and her mother recently relocated, visits a shifter bar where the locals literally run her off. She's in the process of leaving when the H leaps into her car. He's confused and scared. Hunters are after him because they think he killed other hunters.


The whole thing takes place over a 48 hour period. The mystery is solved, the feral is put down, the h stays with him as his mate, the end.