Reckless Angel (Silhouette Intimate Moments #522) - Maggie Shayne

Not bad. Actually the one thing that did make me twitch more than a little was the communication.


This book has a release date of 1993.


Sometime in the 80s, I had a substitute art teacher who'd had a car phone.

Sometime around 1990, my spouse got himself a position where he was "on call" often and carried a bag phone when that occurred.


In 1993, a suburban housewife got a small, purse-sized cell phone to have for emergencies. Not too terribly long afterwards, so did several siblings.


Our H was a feeb. He contacted everyone with a landline. His boss used a hospital pay phone(?!) as a contact point (they didn't have a phone in the room? And...these were all relatively local calls).


I have a hard time with the idea that government agents wouldn't have had access to technology that John Q. Public had.


But I guess if there had actually been logic to this, the bad guys wouldn't have been able to track down the H/h...which is another thing. They called from a payphone in an eatery within walking distance of the motel. They ate, then went back to a motel room that had already been found by the bad guys. Seems like the bad buys would have been awfully close to begin with, but apparently one was at the hospital at the time the call came through.