Immortal Nights: An Argeneau Novel - Lynsay Sands

After the last several installments in this long-running series, I was beginning to variously give up hope and wish she'd just wrap it up and save us the painful decline of a good series.




Abigale is not irritating, and Tomasso didn't do dumbass, inexplicable things like his brother. Although, I did wonder where her shirt went. She started off with a shirt, a tank, jeans, and underwear. After the first few hours of their being lost on the beach, the shirt was missing and he was wearing the beach bum equivalent of a fig leaf. I kept wondering why she didn't just hand him her shirt, but it never made another appearance. Weird.


Bonus, no rambling page-long navel-gazing...well, beyond his while he was in free-fall after jumping out of an airplane. The page count exists because stuff happens; no filler.


Now, if I could grouse, it's why does Mary get to come but Holly is stuck at home? Bricker hasn't been mated that long, and Holly is a lot less of an irritant to me than Mary.