Sweet Ruin (Immortals After Dark) - Kresley Cole

The longer this book went on, the longer it seemed. The MCs are the reason. Let's see...


We have the h - impulsive, malicious, self-absorbed, and TSTL. The only reason she survived to adulthood was because she was "other". She refused a place to stay with a nice librarian "because she wanted to keep her baby brother to herself". She was 11. She then proceeded to piss off a gang leader by burning down his pad, resulting in her getting shot in the face. When she made her reappearance, baby bro refused to leave nice lady so she ended up on her own. She didn't learn. 15 years later and she still does irrational, dumb stuff. How the Order never noticed her is beyond me, because she makes no effort to hide her psycho shit.


Then we have the H who has never moved on from being a sex slave 7000 years ago. He's still playing the ho; just now it's in exchange for information. He gets twitchy and angry every time she makes comments about his whoring himself out. News flash, if the shoe fits, shut up and wear it. Further, his obsession with taking out the royal line is ridiculous. Granted, he had every reason to dislike the queen, but then, she had every reason to hate evidence of her husband's infidelity - something that seems to escaped everyone.


The highlight of the book was finding amusement in Nix having our two "geniuses" chasing her through all these romantic hot spots (and her taking a day or two to leave another clue for them to go somewhere else). Not only was she playing everyone, she's playing matchmaker. But then...I suspect she's been playing matchmaker for at least the last 6 books. Seems entirely too convenient that she gave tips to the Order on people who were destined mates. And...I have a suspicion that Orion knows what she's really doing, but isn't going to give it away.


I think...if I hadn't disliked the h so much, or found the H's obsession with his past so tiresome, I'd have liked this a lot better.