Dragon Soul - Katie MacAlister

13 books, several of which seemed to be more filler than anything (because really, does a romance ever need 4 books?), 3 publishers, and entirely too many clueless heroines expected to know everything. Dear God I hope this is the last one. I feel like I deserve a medal for sticking with it this long.


I feel like perhaps at some point, maybe the previous x books should have been read by the author, perhaps when she restarted the series after a 2 year hiatus, because suddenly we're dragging old news that was presumably taken care of back into the limelight, all to assist in the end-goal of restarting a sept, fixing a broken shard (and wasn't that weird - I thought at one point they were all together).


It's hard to be objective when you're irritated.


So the brother of both Aoife and Bee finds himself having to do a chore for both the weir and the First Dragon. This, I can deal with. Bee nagging him...no. Fortunately Bee didn't get much page time as I never really warmed up to her.


Why the dragons were so hard on him over their own blunder that got some of them killed puzzles me, as does First Dragon's personal interest in this. There've been so many dragons killed by fighting with each other, and yet this one person accidentally kills 4 idiots while trying to do something as a kid and they're like, "YOU!"


And we have the requisite h who doesn't know what's going on and is expected to just...magically figure everything out overnight. At least there weren't death threats over her being uninformed.


Her charge started out as a batty old lady who you sort of wonder if she didn't need to be locked up for her own protection, only to morph into a far younger (but still batty) lady who...still needed locked up for her own protection. She apparently flirted with the h's father while having a fling with Teddy Roosevelt. Uh...just how old is/was the h's father?