Chaos Choreography - Seanan McGuire

I confess, the less than stellar opinions I read about this book had me almost dreading it. It...wasn't bad actually. Granted, the whole dancing bit got a bit confusing at times, possibly because the timeline seemed to jump in fits and starts.


What did bother me is the absolute lack of suspicion directed at fellow contestants. You'd think that would be the first place they'd look, but the only ones that were even discussed were the cryptids. Really, the woman involved was obvious, as was one of the men when you think about it. He was all unpleasant at the beginning, then switched to charm and smarm almost immediately afterward. Right.


Also had a little difficulty believing someone did a snatch on Verity's grandma and lived to tell about it, or at least not get tagged and IDed (and how is it they didn't recognize the voices they overheard discussing it).


Amused about the cover though - the chick in the denim shorts is grandma.