Alien Taste - Wen Spencer

I didn't find it as compelling as Tinker.


My spouse has been watching Stargate SG1, and he's in the early seasons, back when they were dealing with the alien mind controlling parasites. So...


I can't really decide how I feel about the various "grownups" in Ukiah's life, mostly how they treat him, and how he behaves toward them. He's centuries old and acts at times like a little boy. Even better - they tend to treat him like that as well. He looks like he's 18 or so.


The plot - the bad guys trying to unleash a group of warriors on Earth and assimilate us (and everything else on the planet as well). The good guys trying to keep them from succeeding. Ukiah stumbles across this by virtue of a murder scene and a missing woman.


There's...a lot...of weird stuff. A lot. Of weird...Stuff.