The Angel Wore Fangs: A Deadly Angels Book - Sandra Hill

Would probably have finished it sooner if life hadn't intruded. After all, who needs sleep, right?


This one takes a slightly different route from the previous 6. The H, for reasons he can only guess are to make things right, finds himself back in his own keep/time shortly after his death/conscription. The h, who'd hired him to assist in getting her sister out of a cult, is along for the ride, to her consternation.


Alone among the VIK, Cnut seems to have developed a low self-esteem from his failing as a human. He still sees himself as fat, castigates himself for his appetites, feels shame when faced with his people's situation... Interesting. His brothers tried to hide their issues and at times felt resentment at being called out on them.


The h is a pastry chef. Other than her calling him an idiot for the misfired teleportation and slapping him repeatedly (once I could see. After a point, shut up and deal), she does become a decent h, using her training to assist in stretching the food budget.