Sorry. I just can't.

Intrusive Man (Born in the U.S.A., #14) - Lisa Small


The h is a 22 year old single mom, and at the time I quit, I question the consent in said conception. She's... well, she shows a lack of discretion really. The second time she meets the H, she pretty much tells him everything about her living conditions.


The circumstances of her living situation...make little sense. Supposedly this neighborhood was condemned by the city and auctioned off to approved people to restore. The house is a blasted victorian mansion. Why would they approve a person of her age/circumstances? Even better, the only employment she has is mending she does for the local dry cleaners'. The rest of it comes from boarders. She's going to college.


At the point I stopped, our "H" is interested in her, has bulldozed his way into her home and insisting on renting a room "because she needs a man around the place". Sorry man, the point where you broke into my garage to install a car seat which, given the time this book was written, was the freaking law, was the point I would have asked you to get lost. Period.


So no. Not reading this train wreck where I find myself thinking the h really needs to grow a backbone and tell him NO. Does not help that he's a cop. Who do you call when you're being stalked by a cop?