The Hunter - Kerrigan Byrne

In some ways, the H in this book reminded me of Ian McKenzie. In some ways. He could feel, but he'd shut that part of himself off long ago. He was more or less going through the motions until...he took the contract on the h's life. And found he couldn't bring himself to do it.


She made him feel, dragged his emotions out kicking and screaming, and... It's pretty much a given that a heroine who does that to an anti-hero is not going to go free for long. Sooner or later, he's going to give in and drag her off to his cave.


She's no slouch either, being more than willing to take on a certain historical serial killer.


Am interested to see the next book, featuring the sister-in-law of the villainess and the legitimate half brother of Dorian. I wonder how she escaped her loser husband. Guess we'll find out.