Wrong Groom, Right Bride - Patricia Kay

What a mess.


So spoiled, self-absorbed younger brother decides to get hitched while he's supposed to be working on a project for the family company. Of course, he notifies his fiancée of this via fed-ex. Of course said jilted fiancee is pregnant.


Brother apparently is highly attracted to jilted pregnant lady. Brother initiates contact, ostensibly to apologize for juvenile behavior on the part of the brat. Pregnant lady tries keeping him at arms' length. He's persistent.


In the meantime, mommy dearest is ticked off because older brother isn't increasing her stipend from the company, is planning a big reception for darling brat and his hussy, etc.


The one thing that bugged me - the heroine lets her overbearing cousin drag her into several places she didn't really want to go, and cause her a great deal of discomfort. Eventually it does occur to her that maybe she needs to create distance between herself and her cousin because the constant interference is causing problems. No shit. Unfortunately, this runs through the whole book. Cousin doesn't like it that she's planning to move (she wants to avoid the ex and his family finding out about the baby), doesn't like it that the H is showing up all the time...of course, the cousin drags her to a night club (that she didn't want to go) where the H's other brother is playing that night in the band, and to a baby shower (inconsiderate) where she runs into the ex's SIL. No - I began disliking the cousin, and wishing the h'd grow a spine and tell her to butt out.