The Lawman - Vicki Lewis Thompson

It's thin, very thin.


For reasons I never understood, 3 city slickers bought a dude ranch in Aridzona (the irony, it's painful). For reasons I never understood, the former owners stayed on to run the place - at least, I assume those two women were the former owners, seeing as how they were the grandchildren of the ranch founder. For reasons I *really* didn't understand, one of the women was the ranch foreman. Now, I get that we're somewhat progressive in some parts, but a ranch in the middle of nowhere? Ah...right.


The situation made no sense whatsoever.


It took a stray photocopy from an old diary for them to figure out who was sabotaging the ranch. What are the odds that they'd find which diary the page came from?


The romance...


Let's see. The H - one of those city slickers - is staying there, with his son, and hopes to connect with the kid. His ex has all but wrapped the child in bubblewrap. The kid seems like he's never been in a fenced in yard, let alone the great american outdoors. Dad is having difficulties reaching the kid. In steps the heroine who...essentially bonds with the kid to the point he chooses her over his dad...? And we're supposed to believe that he's ok with this? Even to the point of falling for her? Uh...right. I was a third of the way through and thinking lady, you're interfering with a dad and his kid. Butt out.


The heroine is psychic, and doesn't exactly do a whole lot to hide this (making it even harder for me to imagine her as the ranch foreman).


Also, who would name their horse Pussywillow? That's gonna get less than desirable ways.