Sorry, the Bride Has Escaped (Jilted!) - Raye Morgan, Helen Conrad

Better than the last one. The whole jilted thing on the cover seems a misnomer since the bride was the jiltER; not the jiltEE.


Our h bolts from the church, and breaks in to a beach house not far away - to hide. Of course, the logic here is, if you're hiding, you stay hidden. That seems to escape her In the meantime... the owner of the house - the H - comes in for a vacation. There's a bit of...negotiation with regards to her staying there. At some point, he feels guilty and insists. Of course, he's convinced that she'll go back and marry the guy too.


Eventually, the bride's parents - and their current lovers - track her town (that thing about staying hidden when you're hiding? Kinda important), and attempt to pressure her into going back.


She eventually does go back to see her erstwhile fiance, and break it off for good. She discovers that he was as reluctant as her to get married, but felt pressured by HIS parents.


The H goes back to work and practices avoidance - for at least a month - before the h threatens to go hang gliding. He panics and gives in. The end.