Tempt Me Again - Wendy Etherington

Manipulative friend? Check


Lack of research on something that's kinda important (even if the author doesn't think so)? Check


Our H graduated with honors and at the top of everything in his class *except* math. I hate to tell the author this but he was as much of a geek as the h.


And here's where it really goes downhill...
He got a scholarship in the Naval Academy
He spent 10 years in the Marines?...or was it Navy? Or both? Or...?
He was a Lieutenant
He commented that he knew less about local law enforcement than flying an M-16 (I about choked at this point)
He nearly got his team killed in a mission (that sounds like special forces work)


The only thing I could figure out is that the author assssyoumed that the Marines were a division of the Navy.



I half expected him at that point to have been a Ranger.


The relationship, such as it was, was overshadowed by... military misinformation, a crime spree, election BS. This wasn't a v. long book.