Texas Fever - Kimberly Raye

Whoa. Smokin'


If I had a quibble, it would be the small town business owners' attitudes. Really, the grocer, rather than courting the h's business (she has a bakery), limits how much she can buy. The smart thing would be to ask how much she needs for a week, and order extra. At the same time, the delivery guy can't be bothered to deliver her supplies half the time, forcing her to go to the grocery in the first place.


The other thing - and this was one of those things that was never addressed - was who her grandFATHER was. Her grandmother ran the local brothel, you see. The H's grandfather frequented said brothel and fancied himself in love with her, giving her land.


The h grew up away from here, largely because grandma didn't want ma to follow in her footsteps and was planning to send her away to school. Ma ran away and apparently did make an attempt at said footsteps.


The H wants the land back. There's an arrangement made - to practice grandma's "menu" as it were, in exchange for land. They got more than they bargained for.