Texas Fire - Kimberly Raye

V. entertaining and the ahhh... Ok, it earned the Blaze label.


There were quibbles though.


Ok, enough of the sex/relationship therapists who don't have enough practical experience to fill a thimble. Our h hasn't had a real relationship...ever...yet feels qualified to tell others how to fix theirs. Along the same vein, she's convinced that lasting relationships are all about emotional connections and lust is unimportant. Right.


She buys how-to books all the time, yet has no clue how to dress any way other than business like (office) and slob (home). Or do anything with her hair, or put on makeup. She enlists the H's aid to make herself over into a...diva? as opposed to a...groupie. Errr...those words. You keep using them. I do not think they mean what you think they mean. I mean; I get the context - she wanted to learn how to dress like a tramp as opposed to a errr...normal person. Still, if you have eyes, you can see what the town ho dresses like, so why do you need advice?


Yeah; the premise was really lame.


Also, she *thinks* she's involved with a friend who *knows* he's involved with someone else (who is jealous and suspects maybe that she's after more).


The h needs a shrink herself.


The H? Well, he's this hot guy who noticed her before they were officially teens but was scared of his feelings and dealing with a lot of crap at home, so didn't act on it. Naturally, she thinks (she really should stop that) that he's just turned on by the reinvented her. Uh, honey...use your eyes instead of your overactive brain for once. Oh. Right. Lust was unimportant; it was that all-encompassing emotion thing. Errr...