The Brimstone Deception - Lisa Shearin

This was an enjoyable read.


The h's date with the goblin, Rake, was interrupted by some business man suddenly being able to see through all the supernaturals' glamour and freaking out. Turned out this was the result of some new drug that allowed supernaturals to see through glamours and well, it worked on humans too, although they didn't remember it afterwards.


Many dead supernatural drug dealers later...


The SPI guys along with Rake and a friend who can close portals close a hell pit before it opens completely, stopping - at least for the moment - the production of said drug (it uses brimstone). The bad guy gets away though so no doubt he'll be back around.


The one thing that puzzles me. Why a goblin? Why not make him a grey elf? The coloring seems to be the primary difference between the two species. Most fantasy worlds have goblins something completely different.