Hot On His Trail - Linda Winstead Jones

My biggest issue with this has little to do with the h, the H, or their relationship (though his pushing her away "for her own good" irritated me), and a lot to do with the h's brothers.


They've essentially ran off every boyfriend she's ever had.  She's 25 years old, has stopped dating, and from the sound of it, has two friends - one of them she works with.  And instead of any of this raising warning bells with them (are you ok sis?  You have no social life.), they're all set to guard her against the H...or herself as the case may be.  Fortunately I guess, this time she rebels.


For a woman who reads as stubborn as she does, her letting this behavior from them slide seems a stretch.  Seems like at some point she would have either retaliated or...I dunno...ran off and joined a circus.