Reader Abduction (Alien Abduction) (Volume 7) - Eve Langlais

I have generally enjoyed this series...until this one. Not sure how I feel about the notion of an author conspiring to have fans/friends abducted by aliens. Seems somewhere between unsavory and unethical, particularly since I suspect we might see some of these characters in upcoming books. Yes; I realize it's fiction, etc.


It bothers me far more that the women in general, and the h in particular, are ok with this. Oh come on; they abducted 12 women. Not a single one objected strongly enough to make them regret grabbing her?


There was a brief encounter with what I suspect might be the author's blue aliens - there was a space battle against another race whose populace was decimated by a virus that wiped out pretty much all their females. That race, btw, learned the hard way that not all women adapt to being kidnapped when one, upon discovering she was preggers, killed the alien who claimed her, then killed herself. The purple guys haven't run into this.


So our h objects mildly to being kidnapped, our H resists his own attraction, the story takes place over maybe a day or two and...through a whole lot of stuff completely skipped over by having everyone rendered unconscious and deposited on H's home planet (read: the author decided to give us 2/3 of a book as the beginning, then dump us on the home planet in time for him to admit to himself he wants to keep her, etc).


You know, I feel like I've been had.