The Sheriff's Surrender - Marilyn Pappano

This book has a reputation, which was actually why I got it - rubbernecking, reader style. :D


Basic plot - H keeps h hidden and thus safe, from ex con who has issues with the fact she put him away for 5 years.


Obstacle - H/h were item 9 years previously when a disagreement about what constitutes justice had him leaving her bleeding on the courthouse steps. As betrayals go, that's a doozy, and while I can understand the concept of forgiveness, trust is something else, and the feeling that when the going gets tough, the pseudo-alpha is going to be hightailing it out of there to save Ahm thinking acquaintances with benefits at best.


The h...well, I think at some point a few self-defense lessons, etc., would have been in order. Also, when someone is trying to kill you, wanting to go out in public is rather dumb. Granted, she did have reservations about going to a nearby city for a movie but...


The H...I get the feeling he likes to think of himself as an alpha, but really, he gave up his alpha card when he left town rather than check on his girlfriend because he was offended at her having issues with dirty cops. Did he necessarily belong in jail himself? Eh...not really. That said, just how blind can you be? How many excuses can you make?