Born of Betrayal (The League: Nemesis Rising) - Sherrilyn Kenyon

The biggest handicap this book has is the characterizations. At this point, it's pretty much a formula - create the H. Make him the target of everyone's animosity, mostly because he exists. Make the abuse/neglect start practically upon conception. Make him of a well-respected family(or royalty). Give all his friends similar backgrounds...


The heroines are the only wild cards really. Their backgrounds vary from well-loved to similarly horrible.


This one was a long separation jobbie. And the seemingly out of sequence placement meant that NyKerian went from about to become a dad to having a whole bunch of kids in a relatively short period of time as the author seems to have forgotten exactly where on the timeline she's writing. Confusing? Well, if you think about it (which you probably will near the end when all the families converge), yeah. Guestimation would put that 5-6 years(at least) had passed since Fain's son's book, but it's written as if it was a year or so ago, if that.


I guess I shouldn't be surprised. The author has had difficulty keeping timeline sequences straight in the past, and she felt compelled to go backwards to write the H's son's book before the H's - not that there's anything wrong with that necessarily but if you give it a concrete setting at the end (which would be overlapping the first 2-3 books), you can't indicate it's within the last year of the current setting when things from those first 2-3 books are so far in the past that people have gone from childless to having 4-5 kids.


Onward. I'm ok with the occasional grown man crying but geezzzz; everyone was crying. Most of these men are space pirates and if not that, soldiers. And they're crying. Over death, potential death, near death, insult, being called dad... How do you expect me to see you as a badass when you're crying?


How tall exactly is Fain? He adopted a couple of human children. One - a girl - was said to barely reach his knees at age 10. What was she; a midget? The average 10 year old is around 4' tall, figuring maybe a foot in variation. If his knee is 4' off the ground, is he 12' tall? I can't picture a normal sized human female getting all that excited about marrying a 12' alien, yet he was married briefly to one.


In all honesty, I find these inconsistencies in this book depressing. This was the only series I'd read from the author where I wasn't constantly stopping and thinking, "now wait just a cotton-picking minute. That's not what you said 2 books ago". Makes me think this series is heading down the same path that *other* series went where it seemed like her main focus was to make you feel sorry for the H and keeping up with the details was an afterthought. Not sure what I'll do if this continues - give up maybe.