Snowbound With The Bodyguard - Carla Cassidy

I'm used to the modern romantic suspense where the H actually does his job, whatever that is. Oh wait; I guess the H did do his job - he got up, went into the office, kept his chair warm, then after a suitable number of hours (like 20 seemingly), went back home or wherever. Lather, rinse, repeat. Too bad he's supposed to be running a protection agency (fancy word for bodyguard.). Business must be slow, as in non-existent, as in how does he pay his rent? OR is he the family tax write-off?


The h...while coming home from a neighboring town where she takes classes so she can get her GED, is pulled over by the sheriff, who proceeds to rape her.


The book starts a good year later - when said rapist figures out she has a son from said incident and says something to her. She bolts (makes sense to me), goes to another neighboring town, gets snowed in, and stays with the H (who happens to still be at the office busily keeping his chair from freezing). He gets the idea over the next day or so that she's in danger but...


He's too busy keeping up appearances of warming his chair to actively protect her, depending on someone he knows at the state level to get there and talk to her about it. Even after he's listened to the mini tape recorder of the incident, he's still waiting around for the person to show up. In the meantime...creep is actively trying to find her to keep her from talking (he has no idea about the recording), and to get the baby because it's a boy and he wants a son (his wife gave him only daughters, heifer - said sarcastically).

Fortunately, everyone manages to converge before he can kill her, forcing him to keep up appearances that he's trying to arrest her for various charges he's conjured up - not that it matters since the state investigator or whatever he is is there to authorize an arrest, having heard the recording.


Of course there's a HEA.