Stuck with You - Vicki Lewis Thompson

Someone gave this a rating of 2 on Booklikes. Unfortunately, they didn't leave a review so I can only guess as to what they didn't like.


I know what I didn't like.


Ok, you have the h - a feminist who is housesitting for her mentor. She grasps that the belongings are a) valuable and b) not hers.


And then you have the H. The best description I can come up with is immature idiot. It's his aunt's house. He's an only child and a commitmentphobe. He travels around the country riding bulls. He's stopping by for Thanksgiving. His aunt is in Maine, and apparently is hooking up with an old boyfriend. She and his father are attempting to set him up with the h.


Then there's the nosy, paranoid neighbor...and the aunt's dog. Mostly all the dog does is bark conveniently when the neighbor is snooping around, but he does get plastered on some wine that a certain doofus left within his reach.


During the course of the H and h being snowbound (because a blizzard conveniently takes out the power and leaves them stuck indoors), the back door has to be repaired (I'd love to know how the H got a piece of plywood in a vintage mercedes - they're big but not THAT big) due to the h getting stuck in the doggie door, a pile of wood in the garage gets burned (turns out it's an unassembled piece of furniture intended for a former president), 2 antique crystal goblets get broken (the dog), red wine spilled on an antique carpet, the neighbor manages to drop a limb from an oak through the roof in auntie's bedroom, a hole is shot in the wall in said bedroom, a column supporting the balcony roof is dislodged (neighbor again), the pipes in the sprinkler system (only in that bedroom) freeze (actually, I wondered if they weren't damaged from half a tree falling through the roof)... Oh, and auntie's bed (presumably antique) destroyed by the limb. Now, granted, much of the damage was attributed to the lunatic next door but the H's careless disregard for things (why did he have red wine in the living room next to that carpet in the first place, and he was TOLD the dog would go after wine).


The neighbor needs to be locked away in a padded cell - for his own safety at least.

The H pulled one on the h at the end, promising to switch rodeo events until she got preggers, then retiring or...something. The event he was switching to wasn't a bit safer than bull riding.


Do I see this one lasting for long? Not really. Sooner or later, she'll get tired of waiting for him to grow up. Also, I dislike interfering family members. If the H hasn't found himself a girl, and the h doesn't want a man, leave them alone.


It was funny, but it would have been a lot funnier if I didn't find the H's shrugging at the damage so grating.