Reluctant Dreamer - Dixie Browning

We have our h - a single mom who made a bad decision and found herself married to someone with the emotional maturity of your average toddler - guy ran out on her when he found out she was preggers. Now, the kid is 6. Mom runs a gift shop while raising him. She's wary and doesn't have a lot of spare time.


H's aunt is the absentee owner of said gift shop, and wants to know where the money is going (being reinvested in the shop actually), so siccs H on h. H sees that h is fearful, wary, etc. First he shows up at closing and tries to force her to let him in. Then he lies in wait in the parking lot (after dark, mind you) and accosts her. He grumbles that she keeps him at arm's length. Well, when you stalk the girl...


I thought, in all honesty, that it came together way too quickly - he was entirely too creepy/pushy/stalkery for me to believe that she wouldn't get unnerved and just call the cops on him. Actually, after the incident in the parking lot, I would have armed myself and possibly shot him. And even after he knows she has a small child to care for and limited time, he observes that she looks tired but it never seems to dawn on him that his constantly interrupting her work (that as a manager, she needs to do), is keeping her from getting enough rest.


Then there was that utterly bizarre thing about the IRS in the beginning, never to be heard again.