Loverboy (Harlequin Temptation, No 484) - Vicki Lewis Thompson

The H/h were childhood friends, a high school item, and...he abruptly broke it off with her, telling her she wasn't grown up enough to suit him, then after graduation, LA where he was discovered and is now an actor.


The timeline for him is screwy - this was 10 years ago. He apparently surfed and flipped burgers for 2 years before trying out for a commercial. He's been on the soap for 2 years. What went on during those 6?


The h...wants to be a career politician. Right. My thoughts on that is the last person you want to vote for is the one who wants the job. Maybe it's my cynicism towards politicians that makes me think that but...


The reason - it comes out - that he broke it off with her is because someone had seen them necking, and told her father. Her father knew about his brother's theft and essentially blackmailed him.


It was apparently a-ok though for her to get engaged to someone while she was in college.


She's widowed now and her father is still trying to manage her love life.


I don't know how much of my thought come from personal feelings or just reaction, but I'd have, at that point, told the lot of them where to go. Apparently though, her career in politics was more important than well, anything.