Silver Lady (Harlequin Presents, No 1610) - Mary Lyons

Our h is 24 and our H is her legal guardian 'til she's 30?! 'Scuse me? What century is this?! Also, if he's her legal guardian (hiss, snarl), why is it he's running a corporation in NY while she works at an art gallery in...London I think?


So our h's boss is retiring. She wants to buy him out. She can afford it if only stepbrother dearest releases the purse strings to her trust fund. She hares off to the Caribbean to beg, whereupon he acts like a royal ass, telling her if she wants it, she'll have to play servant on his boat for 2 weeks. She agrees.


She spends the next several days essentially being a slave to his guests, while he taunts her, comes on to her, mocks her response, etc. His friend conveniently shows up and starts flirting. They go to some island, whereupon the "H" pretty much throws her over his shoulder, takes her to his vacation home, and gives one the impression that "No" doesn't mean anything. She goes to pieces and...


We suddenly switch to his POV where he's horrified that his attempt at a romantic getaway (seriously?!) has backfired and she'll never marry him now. He 'splains himself, she caves, puts out, he learns just how "off" his impression of her actually was (the h with the "loose morals" still had her "V" card), he reveals he bought the art gallery, etc...

I skimmed a few speed things up, you see.


The "H" - and I use that term loosely - blew hot and cold. One minute, he'd be grinning or trying hard not to laugh, the next minute you wondered if he was going to beat her...or worse. The h, for all that she was half afraid of him, seemed to have a quick temper. Did I believe the romance? Not really. I figure he'll continue with his erratic behavior, she'll become a nervous wreck, and one day, she'll snap. Now whether she bolts, or just shoots him is anyone's guess.