Dumb and Dumber - a romance

Sex Appeal - Lori Foster

Well let's see, there's the h whose openness is on a level that makes one think she's clueless. She's the sort of pollyanna who sees the good in everyone (which makes it hard to believe she whacked an abusive ex with a baseball bat - that requires you to actually see he needs hit with that clue-by-four). And...also is open and friendly to *everyone*. The problem with this is not everyone out there IS good. She's, in short, the sort that I'd probably sit and judge her diarrhea of the mouth while never sharing *anything*.


Then there's the H who, in spite of growing up with a silver spoon and apparently never knowing a hardship apparently is a control freak.


We're supposed to believe this is gonna work long term. Yeah.


And of course, because the author has difficulty writing a romance without having a bad guy to motivate the H into beating his chest, there's that. Naturally it's someone who read more into the h's openness than she intended. Naturally, he approached her, and she felt bad about accusing him (and later, felt bad because he got hurt).


Supposedly this is the beginning of Temptations HEAT, but seemed rather...lukewarm to me (of course, it could be because I was labeling the characters.)


Here's one for you - the h gets sick twice. The first time, she's convinced she'd been drugged. The second time, she noted she felt similar but at no time did she consider the common denominator between the two illnesses.