Valentino's Love-Child - Lucy Monroe

I'm sure I picked this one up because it was discussed somewhere.


If anyone ever wonders why some think Harlequin uses a story generator to come up with the first chapter (or at least has someone in house write it) and assigns it to a "proper" author, this one is a good example of where some would get that idea. The H's late wife's name changes from Renata in the first chapter to Maura for all subsequent mentions.


I never did get where the h's late husband's name came from. Taylish makes me think middle east or Indian. I'd think that would garner a mention but... apparently not.


For once, it wasn't a painfully naive, sheltered wife suspecting the spouse having a fling with his PA. Rather, an American widow having a fling with a Sicilian widower, getting knocked up along the way, and having issues with the idea that he wouldn't willingly remarry but if he did (for his son), it would be a proper Sicilian woman. I can see that. Feeling like you're good enough for canoodling but your nationality automatically renders you unacceptable for anything else.


She broke it off with him. His mother (a friend of hers) found out that she was knocked up, and said something to him. The last third? of the book was him bulldozing her into marriage because American or not, she was carrying his kid and he wanted it.