Sentinels:Leopard Enchanted/Dragon's Promise - Denise Lynn, Doranna Durgin

I really dislike harlequin's new 2-in-1 release, mostly because I like to pick who I'm buying and well, I'm stuck with one. Also, they need to inform Amazon of their new policy so Amazon will stop trying to pre-sale the individual books in dead tree format.


Authors really should rethink the ol' enemies to lovers idea. It's difficult to pull off without creating an annoying character. *Both* books have this as a theme.


Leopard Enchanted

If I ever figure out why I continue to follow this series... Ok, it's because while I like the idea of shifters, non of the authors I've read manage to execute it without something dropping me out of the story, so it's not any worse than others. But I really am tired of the enemies to lovers angle, and all of these seem to have it, even when both characters are on the same side, so this one just takes that idea a bit further.


The heroine in this came off as willfully naive, bordering on TSTL I got that she'd been brainwashed and abused for years to the point that she *believed* what she was told, but when the evidence was staring her in the face...and she had opportunities to get away...


The players - I find it somewhat ironic that the Core seems to be so...thoughtless... about the world they live in. Protect the world from what exactly, since they seem to be doing the most damage. I suppose that's the purpose behind the series but it seems a bit of a stretch that they'd be that oblivious. And the new guys seem to have the same theme. Why? See, I'd be more impressed by new guys that just hunted everyone than more environmental tamperings.


The whole thing with the amulets at the end... Just a slight thought but the whole corralling them all into one spot bit seemed contrived to do the most damage, particularly since just moving 2 beside 2 others would have gotten everyone out of danger with a lot less drama.


Dragon's Promise

Ok, so the H was cursed into being a dragon, and he's not fully integrated with his "other". Also, because of the purpose behind the curse, he has some urges he doesn't like or understand. And...he's left home to regroup when he runs into the h. After 3 days of nookie (that she was pretty much mindless about, even though she's a succubus of sorts - her family history really needed more page time), they get around to asking names and, upon hearing that she's a St. George (dragon slayer), his dragon pretty much panics and blows the joint.


A year later, she shows up to inform him their son has been the one behind his curse, naturally (not that she realizes at that point that he is).


I had a *lot* of issues with this heroine. She's thoughtless, irrational, and to a large extent, self-absorbed. She wants the baby back. I get that. She's seen visions that indicate that if he and his brothers go after the bad guy, they'll all end up dead. She knows the bad guy wants them dead and it never ever occurs to her that his hatred extends to their children. The H tries to point out that giving him what he wants isn't a certainty. She doesn't listen. Just keeps demanding that he get "her" child back NOW. So just a day or two of this - and his being captured by the enemy at one point during this very brief timespan - he comes up with a plan. Of course, she's upset that he'd take such a risk (which did nearly kill him). Well geeze lady; you wanted him to do something. So he did, and came up with something that inflicted the least damage to his family. Not like YOU want to be a part of it.


That's the other thing. She's determined that after the baby is rescued, she's taking it and leaving. Like she's equipped to raise a dragonette. Every time he tries to 'splain this to her, she either goes off on him, or does this understanding bit that she'll let him "visit" with the kid.


There are actually two previous books in this series but I hesitate to look them up because of the potential irritation.