Agent Zero (Harlequin Romantic Suspense) - Lilith Saintcrow

That was v. good. I picked it up after several readers were talking about it.


It's like they found the virus in Doom only it doesn't work at all on most (it kills them), and the survivors are supermen (and women). It's also like an STD, though the other person won't survive the infection unless they're a mate.


Guess what the h is?


The government (or someone) came up with this and implemented it. No clue how they picked their "volunteers" but if the H's account is any indication, it was much like one cyborg series - the recruit was severely injured/dying and had nothing to lose. The small issues they didn't quite account for were that the super agents were like everyone else - they had a conscience, and when the "emotional noise" started to interfere with the ability to do their job, they were eliminated. They also didn't account for the transference aspect, so when a woman that was associated with one was found to have it, they wigged out.


Our story exists because the h smells good to the H, so he's been watching her for some time. A Dr on the program didn't know what was actually going on, and when he finds out, he tries to take out the H. Someone grabs the h for questioning, the H rescues her, and they take off. Another agent is on their tail, but he has some issues too (a girl he was associated with was killed).


Transference occurs, saving the h's life (she's terminally ill). The other agent, having ditched his own tail, shows up. They get captured - after the h has recovered - and they escape.


The H was not the brightest crayon in the box prior to being recruited, and as a result, is somewhat lacking in social skills (he was apparently low enough IQ to be institutionalized). It's like someone gave the virus to Forrest Gump actually. So at times, he's smart, but dumb. It does improve intelligence. The government wants him back though because he held off the emotional noise the longest. Duh, he was the most lacking to begin with.


The h's ex informed her that he wanted a divorce the day she first got a clue that she was sick. I was a bit puzzled by a few statements there. I got the impression she never told him, but he'd said he'd handle the treatments (he was in med school). Since then, she's spent some time keeping everyone at arms' length - to protect them from themselves supposedly.