Imitation Love (Babies & Bachelors USA: Nevada #28) - Jackie Merritt

Let's not sugarcoat it. The h was a victim of date rape because she was in no state to give consent. And the H was apparently too stupid to realize it at any point. So was she, come to think of it. Really - if you can't remember the events *at all* leading to your pregnancy, then you were a victim.


Basically what happened is, her co-workers insisted she go to this party with them. She'd had some dental work earlier and the anesthetics were still in her system. She had booze, who gave it to her was never mentioned. She flirted, she came onto him. He took her up on it *knowing* she was tipsy. Hell, she passed out afterwards. Pretty much bolted the morning afterwards.


She found out she was preggers and decided she needed to know a little about the father (why?!). He figured out she was, blackmailed her into marriage, and was puzzled that she didn't want to take up where they'd left off before she blacked out.


I couldn't read this. I could barely skim. I was frothing at the mouth, wanted to reach through the pages and slap sense into her with one hand, while ripping his balls off with the other.