Every Breath You Take - Hope Tarr

Well, that sucked.


It has...a long separation...cheating... all it needs is a secret baby.


5 years previous, the H met the h while undercover for the FBI. Now, I would go into the likelihood of there being enough agents passably good to pull off an undercover BAND, but that's just ridiculous. In any case, it's never really explained why exactly the h is in Denver for her 30th birthday when she lives in Philly. Personally, if I were going somewhere for a birthday trip, I'd go somewhere with sun and beaches, but what do I know. So they begin seeing each other - on weekends. She flies in. It's on one of these weekends that the sting goes down. He is en-route to the airport to fetch her when he gets the call.


5 years later, he's no longer with the FBI and is now doing the private thing (like every other ex-agent/military H in Romancelandia). Her fiancé hires him to be her bodyguard on a business trip. She decides that since she never got him out of her system, she can't completely move on, so takes the opportunity to spend the trip using him for sex. At the end of the book, he's found out her fiancé was behind the threats and the kidnapping (she gets grabbed while on the trip), she's decided that because he took the time to investigate before presenting her with this, that he's holding her at arms' length with secrets.


Eventually, she decides that she expects too much of him (ya think?) and should accept him, warts and all (ah; but what about YOUR warts, sweetheart?). He, in the meantime, has picked up her autobiographical "it's all about me!" novel and decided that he'd hurt her baaaaaad. Epilogue is a year and a half later, she's preggers, and he's finishing the nursery.


Issues, and they're big.


The past was not just a prologue, it was interspersed throughout the first half of the book, and annoying as hell. You'd be reading in the present, then an italics date would be the only warning you'd get that you were getting a flashback. I was confused the first time or two, then irritated. Eventually, I just skimmed.


The h refused all contact after he stood her up. No phone call, no text, no IM. I was unclear about whether she sicced her mother on him or he just called the cow trying to reach her. Either way, real mature behavior for a 30 year old woman. In any case, she'd only known him a month, and if my calculations are correct, that's what - 4 dates? She knew he had family there. Yeah; he could have broken protocol and texted her that something came up. She could also have acted like an adult and talked to him.


What exactly was she doing? Supposedly she had degrees in several things but considering that after this, she'd a) indulged in risky sexual behavior, b) moved back in with her mom, and c) gotten a job at a biotech company, I got the impression that she was jobless while running halfway across the country for a hookup every weekend.


If he'd been any more whipped where she was concerned, he might as well donned a daddle, and let her flog him. For a supposedly alpha male, his groveling and apologizing for her being an idiot was more than a little off-putting.