Feeling The Heat (Harlequin Blaze #361) - Rhonda Nelson

Every now and then, one of these turns out to be a good read.


This one has lots of humor, heat, and an interesting plot. The H has a fear, not of commitment, but of love itself. His parents loved each other a lot, and when his mother was killed, his father fell apart. Scarred him, I would say for life, but since he's with the h at the end, it just required the right person to screw with his head. The h had a different approach - she wanted what her parents had. And she was sure she wasn't going to get it with him. They were brought together because she dated a homeless grifter who stole her mother's engagement ring (a large, badly flawed diamond), he posted bond on the loser for an unrelated arrest, and he wanted to catch the douchebag as much as she wanted to kick the douchebag's ass. Along the way, there was a lot of sexual attraction, sarcasm, wise-cracking, etc.


I'd hunt down the brother's book but it's by a different author. Not sure I want to bother.