Rules for a Proper Governess - Jennifer Ashley

Mostly great except for that great annoyance - the shadowy threatening figure lurking in the background.


I would think the whole "My Fair Lady" aspect of the story enough to hold it together WITHOUT someone sending threatening letters, but what do I know? I'm just the annoyed reader who avoids historicals mostly because I CAN'T STAND that trope.


The h lands herself in the roll of governess simply because the little terrors are... a lot like the kids in Mary Poppins actually, well, the boy is anyway. And they keep running stodgy old cows off.


A bit is made about schooling the h to at least appear to be a proper governess, which begs the question - where exactly do governesses come from? Is there a special breeding program for governesses? I've always wondered about that. Same with companions. Every now and then, someone will show without the "proper" background, but what constitutes the proper background? Seems to me that this vague shadowy reference needs addressed at some point.


The H...well, his late wife had run off from her family, and he never bothered to correct them in their assumption that it was with him. So he's been dealing with this stiff necked Irish brother-in-law who keeps threatening to take the kids. This caused me puzzlement for a number of reasons - English and Irish relations were no better than English/Scotland so why would this person be hanging around on English soil to to do this? And second, considering the H's relatives, you'd think an untitled Irish person would be a little hesitant about threatening to take said children. After all, when their father can claim a duke as a relative, and is on good terms with said duke, wouldn't that be rather risky?


So he's attracted to the h, who is attracted to him, and, she being from a different background, has few issues with propriety. This latter puzzles me - she's in her 20s and, in spite of her open mind, is errr...uncharted waters. How does this happen? Seriously, how does a pickpocket and thief get to their 20s while clinging to their V-card?


A number of questions, questions that will not be answered unfortunately. Ah well; it was entertaining.