How about neither

Your Bed Or Mine? - Kate Hoffmann

Let's see...there was that trope I really dislike - the young h offering herself to her teenage crush/bf/bff, who rejects her for reasons, followed by her avoiding him for years, then when they get back together, it's as if nothing really happened except that they're grownups now so they can have sex.


First off, considering how these heroes always seem to keep anyone else from scoring on the h, I have a hard time believing they'd actually let her take off to parts unknown and dispense with that pesky hymen to the first one who didn't say no.


And then there seems to always be the lack of any real...ill feelings. This one did have the sudden thought that maybe his rejection of her long ago was why she wasn't willing to stick her neck out for a "real" relationship when he wanted to get serious.


Of course, this one had the added bonus that her sister and his brother were getting married and the two of them just had to stir up trouble in an attempt to break them up - to keep them from making a horrible mistake - only to decide later that *they'd* made a terrible mistake and have to get the two back together. Oddly enough, they conveniently forgot that it was their doing that had the two fighting in the first place.


All in all, by the time it was over - and she'd conveniently given up her career to go to him - I really didn't care. I'd have respected her more if she'd given him frostbite instead of hot sex until they had a heart to heart talk about the past, as opposed to the hot sex over and over with the thought of it just being friends with benefits. Sorry man - a real friend wouldn't humiliate their best friend like that; they'd have made an effort to talk to the friend about expectations and futures.