Enemy Waters (Harlequin Romantic Suspense #1659) - Justine Davis

Thought to ponder: Is it still cheating if the only reason you're still married to the murdering, philandering douchebag is because he convinced the lawyer to destroy the divorce papers?


The backstory on this is that the h, while young, immature, and grieving, married a snake charmer. She decided she'd had enough after an undetermined number of years, filed for divorce, and...her brother came to help her gather her stuff to leave. DB walked in on them, yelled a lot, pulled a gun, and brother took the bullet meant for her. Died in her arms. She bolted.


Book begins with the H having found her. H is a PI of sorts. I say of sorts because that's what he later says. He's kinda like Leroy from Lethal Weapon in that he's not very effective at hiding. And...he spends time with her supposedly to keep an eye on her, which allows him lots of time to notice her spookiness, as well as confirm her disguise. None of this however, is enough to get the dumb ass to, you know, look deeper into the story, where, if he had, he would have known the man who'd hired him couldn't possibly be her brother (supposedly still alive). So, he's blindsided when she does figure everything out, tells him "her version", and then the person who hired him shows up, confirming that it's her supposed ex, and that brother is dead.


He does redeem himself by helping her escape, finally investigating the case, and with help from his late father's partner, tricking douchebag into a confession.


Thoughts - the H actually succeeding at being a PI is a bit of a stretch. I'd suggest he stick to trailing unfaithful spouses for proof but can't quite get the mental picture of him tapping on a window and yelling "Cheese!" out of my head. At least he's not a millionaire.


The h - tried. I suppose it never occurred to her to ditch the car preferably in a deep waterway and work on her disguise BEFORE getting on the bus. Also, a facial mole? (I'm having difficulty believing that the douchebag didn't have that removed, to be honest).


Note to self, if I need to hide from someone, a few tattoos and piercings might go a long way toward keeping me unfound.