Feverborn: A Fever Novel - Karen Marie Moning

Mixed feelings would be a good description of how I feel.


On the one hand, I was right - they did turn Dageus. On the other hand... I get seriously annoyed when authors mess with a HEA.


And...there are questions. The mysterious Consortium. What is it? The Tribunal? How 'bout that one? Who does the Nine answer to? And why, if Dageus can be killed, did Barrons have to search for centuries to try to release his son?


Why did the Hunter have objections to Barrons when he started to change? Why then and not before?


Why, why, why?


Beyond that... the head hopping was irritating at times - I didn't need to be inside Lor's head. Really.


Why am I rating it a 4? Heck if I know. It had its moments of being v. engrossing and I finished it in a day. Maybe that's why.