Dragon Storm - Katie MacAlister

You know, it never occurred to me that there was actually an overall story arc to all these. I would say well played but... the fact that I didn't pick up on it until what I assume will be the next to last book probably isn't a good thing, particularly since so many of the series have been in the funny but I'll never read them again category. See, that means that most of them have long since gone to the UBS, and with the addition of a 2 year break between the last one featuring Baltic/Ysolde, and Kostya/Aofi or however you spell it, I've forgotten a bunch. I also have the niggling suspicion that the author has too because how can this bad guy be so powerful when previous run-ins didn't indicate such.


Part of the problem is the author wrote herself into a corner right off the bat - there were a lot of steps from point A to point B, but only a finite number of players. And those players got used heavily in the beginning. The first 7 books I think focused on only 4 people. Things got lost in the shuffle, things got shortchanged, and apparently at least 2 new septs were created just to keep things going. Things also get confusing of late - I could have sworn Baltic could step into the spirit world, and that he was resurrected. The light sword was his, after all. But now it's Constantine who does that, because he's a ghost...and a wyvern. Ooookay.


Who exactly is the wyvern of the blue dragons now?


The story... well, there was the whole shifting from first to third person. V. annoying. The usual tumble into slapstick, eye rolling at some point, and very distracting in the various sex scenes. Also, the h's aversion to all toys was actually a bit dumb. No - I didn't think it that funny.