Kansas City Confessions (The Precinct: Cold Case) - Julie Miller

I interrupted my reading of this to read Shards of Hope. The last time I read one of those - think it was Vasic's book - I found myself reading a book with a similarly tormented H and getting to compare them. Seems kind of a strange coincidence that it would happen again.


Our h - Katie - had a v. bad childhood. Her father killed her mother. She was kidnapped while trying to find a friend who'd gotten sucked into an illegal adoption ring. So now she keeps everyone at arm's length, including the best buddy/old pal who's been hanging around forever because he just can't move on. And why can't he? Not like she calls him every time she needs help. It's called stringing along. Also not nice. And all because she's afraid to lose the friendship. And yet, it's apparently never occurred to her that three's a crowd and as long as she's hanging off his belt loops, he's never going to have a relationship. Or, if he does, she'll get the ax, because what woman wants some chick hanging around her man who obviously is hung up on said chick?


At least the h in Shards of Hope was honest with herself. As far as she was concerned, he was hers, but she was afraid to let go of her control to be with him. She had a bad childhood too - her parents tortured her until she snapped and killed both of them. She was 7 at the time and ended up where she was as the alternative was execution.


So I finished this where eventually the h realized she loved the H (only took her 10 years to figure this out?). I had other issues, largely involving the h and her computer. I live in a household full of geeks, and while they might leave electronics alone when surrounded by family, no way would the ones doing anything important leave a laptop they were using for sensitive stuff stashed in a bag in an easily accessible room. At the very least, there's the concern of theft (DH had a company laptop stolen from a rental car while he was having lunch once).