Shards of Hope: A Psy-Changeling Novel - Nalini Singh

I interrupted my reading of a somewhat dissatisfying book to read this. Not intentionally, mind you. I just sort of let myself get sucked in. I started skimming a bit, you see, and well, by the time you've read the first two chapters, you might as well admit that you're reading the book.


Is funny I suppose, how I wait forever on used books in this series featuring changeling heroes, but am eager (though not so eager I'll pay HC prices) to grab psy, or rather, arrow-like heroes' tales as soon as I can grab them. I even made a trip to the bookstore for this one.


Or maybe not.


It's the whole process of watching the hero awakening to his own emotions, I think. The changeling heroes often throw down excuses that are flimsy at best, and if they don't, the heroines do. Seems to take forever before anyone ever admits "MINE!". These guys, the minute the heroine manages to knock them off balance mentally, they're all "MINE!"


So the latest scheming bad organization is attempting to rear its ugly head - by capturing Aden and Zaira. Kinda dumb in that it never seemed to have occurred to them that even without the psychic powers, a couple of Arrows were not to be trifled with. They escape, obviously, with their powers somewhat hampered temporarily. He apparently has had a thing for her for years but prior to the fall of Silence, that wasn't going to work. So, he seizes the opportunity. After all, they're totally off the grid, so who would know, right?


The window of silent opportunity passes, with her still trying to protect him from herself. Noble reason I suppose but I think her biggest issue was not really understanding herself. There was mention early on that her hearing was more acute due to distant changeling ancestry. I sort of wonder if she wasn't a lot more changeling than anyone realized. Maybe like..was it Dorian who was a latent? Would explain why she felt like she had a monster inside of her.


Anyway, bad guys make bad attempts, almost succeed, do succeed in inadvertently giving Aden an opportunity to show off his real power. Also give her an opportunity to show off just how good her training is *and* not kill someone just because they hurt Aden. I think she needed that.


Just a thought - Ming maybe should dispense with the idea of getting Vasic under his control. Seems more likely he might find himself dumped in a volcano while Vasic is playing stick with a dog, especially if he managed to annoy him while he was feeling the aftereffects from a mirror drain.