Kansas City Secrets (The Precinct: Cold Case) - Julie Miller

I had...issues...with the book, or more specifically, the heroine. First off, there was that lawsuit after her parents died in a plane crash (that apparently one of them was piloting), then there was the whole "dating the lawyer who won it for her" bit, followed by going to his brother (also a lawyer, and with the same danged firm. And what middle class family keeps a law firm on retainer anyway?) to help with a restraining order against him, etc.


At some point, she's mentally whining that everyone seems to be after her fortune. Well, maybe she should donate it to charity and, I dunno, move from the neighborhood where the nosy, judgmental bitch spies on her. Maybe get a j*o*b. Oh, but she can't do that, because...why exactly? She had education as a teacher. There are other jobs that pay about as well (more of a commentary on how well a teacher's job doesn't pay really).


I dunno. I felt impatient with her.