Hex Appeal - Simon R. Green, Carrie Vaughn, P.N. Elrod, Ilona Andrews, Jim Butcher

It's books like this that give anthologies a bad name. :/


Much of the material gave me the prologue/excerpt vibe. You know, there's more to this story but the author just gave you a little teaser in hopes of selling you a bunch of books. Kinda like a serial. Yeah...that doesn't work for me in a book I paid real money for. Not when harlequin gives out teasers for much of their numbered books. Not when authors sometimes stick teasers and free chapters on their website/blog.


Very annoyed.


And, one of the few inclusive tales (and the reason I bought the book initially) - the Dresden tale - seemed to almost contradict what was said about the White Court in an earlier book - that before a certain age, the kids weren't locked in as members and if they fell in love, would function as people. Also, after that age, they wouldn't be able to touch someone who was in love. So either she's unable to feed at all, or she's not able to touch the kid.