True Love - Jude Deveraux

I had...issues...with Jared. His lying, and other bits of subterfuge, like distracting her by changing the subject whenever he didn't want to discuss it, bugged the hell out of me. And her letting him get away with it didn't sit well either.


Beyond that, I'm not entirely comfortable with the supernatural aspects the author has introduced into this series (why?! It worked just fine as a straight forth family saga), and raise an eyebrow at the belated intro of another family connection. Perhaps if she'd gone back and added a few historicals to tie the Kingsleys in with the Montgomerys...


The story was ok I guess. I just had a great deal of difficulty with the running duck and weave bit the H constantly performed. It seemed to take on a life of its own, making me want the book to just end. Unfortunately, there were over 400 pages of this.