Magic Breaks - Ilona Andrews

It took me a while to read this, for a lot of reasons.


First let me say that the whole Hugh thing needs to end. Either he needs to be killed off, or some chick knock some sense into him on the way to the altar. His obsession over Kate is not only old, but kinda embarrassing. He's like this pathetic stalker who is just absolutely sure that if he does this one thing, his world will be perfect.


Second, there seemed to be a continuity issue there after the reclaiming of Robert and Christopher. They get in the cart, then they get into jeeps, get into a leyline(travel by which, btw, reminds me of the night bus from harry potter), they're informed of an emergency meeting with the Conclave, and...They get there and Ghastik is already there? Errrr...did I miss something? When did he go from the jeep to his people?


Beyond all this, there were some seriously funny scenes - the ones with Cuddles in particular.