Magic Bleeds - Ilona Andrews

I have mixed feelings about this one. The "courtship" was amusing, the plot itself was entertaining. I was not so entertained at the biblical reinterpretation. I dunno... I get that it's like the elephant in the room; you can't NOT explain it in some fashion. Just not sure I care for reinventing the Jacob and Esau bit. Or maybe it's the "none of their descendants are alive today" bit since in order to have a Jewish temple, that would require the people to be Jewish, right? How could there be Jews if none of Abe's descendants were around?


Other bit - Kate says she doesn't know about the smile, yet in a previous book, Jim smiled at Saiman and she thought, yep; he's gonna die.


Randomly, the shape shifters seem to be increasing dramatically. There were 300 or so in book one. Less than a year later, there's 1500. The biggest jump seems to have been in this book, since a couple of books ago, it was 400, then 600.