Ever After - Jude Deveraux

I used to be an avid reader of this author until I was blindsided by a trilogy featuring one couple and a dubious HEA rug that was ripped from underneath them in book 2. I stopped. Wouldn't pick up another book.


I found this in the new acquisitions shelf at one of the local libraries, picked it up to see what it was about and, seeing it was still from her long-running series (not that that means much since the trilogy was too), took a chance on it.


So our h comes home to find that her step sister was trying to essentially steal an inheritance from her. This goes over like a lead balloon, she charges off without further ado, to claim her inheritance and to deal with a patient she's been saddled with by...her stepsister and a relative of the patient's.


She and the guy get along v. well. She meets *all* the family seemingly. The H is Cale's stepson. I will ever remember Cale and Kane's story by her nearly shooting his toe off. Hahah!


Eventually, the H comes clean with her, although why she didn't put two and two together with his behavior, and the nightmares, I don't know.


Also eventually, her best friend and stepsister have a long talk, and well...



The h was smart, but displayed a tendency to pass judgement without really observing. She was utterly convinced the H was a rich playboy, and never really changed that opinion until she finally saw him without his clothes (he wore sweats all the time, and refused to let her - a physical therapist - massage anywhere other than the leg with the knee issue). A lightbulb went off then but you know, based on his behavior, I'd have been a little suspicious that something bad had happened. Similarly, it never occurred to actually talk to her stepsister and, I dunno, make an attempt to see what she wanted out of life. The poor girl was a victim of her mother's ambitions, with as little education as could be gotten away with, and had spent her entire life in dancing and other assorted lessons. She'd lashed out at the h once when the h asked her why she didn't just quit, and the h never pursued it.


The H...tried to hide his issues too long. I got that his ego was making him do it, but you know, if you aren't going to pursue the relationship to fruition, it ain't nice to be so...pushy I guess. Ah well; she found out and let him have it.