Tiger Magic (Shifters Unbound) -  Jennifer Ashley

So Tiger, the barely civil and largely untamed shifter created in Area 51, stumbles across the h while she's dealing with a breakdown. He fixes the wheels, goes back to her fiancé's house with her, and well, they catch the douchebag going at it with some strange female. The h bolts, inadvertently leaving Tiger behind, whereupon he scares the crap out of the douchebag, who shoots him.


Unfortunately, at least some of the government wants their specimen back, and they aren't too careful about who gets hurt along the way. Also unfortunately, the rest of the shifters want Tiger dealt with.


This one was v. readable, though I cringed at the utter lack of concern about civilians and shifter kids getting caught in the shitstorm the various military personnel started.

Ultimately though, it was figured out that, in spite of everyone's fear of Tiger, he wasn't actually "created" to be a killer, but to do search and rescue. Strange too, in that he apparently has little in the way of typical shifter magic, the previous attempt at putting a real collar on him was disastrous, and the resident Fae seemed to think he was created from pure Bengal Tiger. In retrospect, I wonder if the author is attempting to create a cyborg shifter, but not exactly coming out and saying so.


Series niggles


Amusement really - the cover artist strives so hard to make this shifter cover that supposedly fits this series, but has clearly been drifting toward a generic shifter theme as the collars are increasingly absent. Of course, Tiger wears a fake and can remove it. The others haven't though.