Shifter Mates -  Jennifer Ashley

Not bad, though putting two novellas in one volume and only noting after the reader has already read them both that the second one actually comes after a book the reader hasn't gotten to yet is kinda irritating. Most people don't deliberately read things out of order.


So let's see...we find out where the human who was rescued from the ferals and whose family rejected her has ended up, and it's with Ellison who amuses me with his reinventing himself as a Texan. And...we only get slightly confused about the lupines who are apparently two packs but this is the first mention of Ellison not actually belonging to the pack Glory now leads...which, btw, I'm bemused about how she achieved leadership, since I was under the impression initially that she was pretty far down in ranking. Huh. Anyway...someone is shifter trafficking and, after almost snatching a cub the h was watching, snatches the Alpha's nephew. Bad idea. V. bad idea. Of course there's a HEA.


The second novella featured Ellison's somewhat messed up sister (hit by the trafficker sometime before HIS book, but I don't recall it being mentioned), and Jace. Jace is the volunteer guinea pig on collar removal and has the misfortune of visiting at the same time some chick starts stirring up trouble with the cops vs. shifters. Since they're messing with his collar, plus his being drawn into a mating frenzy with the h, he's having...issues. You know, I'm puzzled about things. He apparently was able to come back from being nearly feral after losing his collar. Maybe it was the Fae gold...but then, he seemed to be largely gone there for a bit, unlike Liam who was aware and fighting it.


Series niggles:


Well now, the indication is a combination of adrenaline and intent. Eh? If that's the case, then how is it that the backlash only hits after the person has relaxed? And the collar never goes off. Why would there be any backlash if the collar never went off in the first place? That makes no sense.


Heh; wondered how they could enforce the whole "no tech" rule. Wallyworld isn't going to check to see if a buyer of a flat panel is a shifter; they just want their $$$. And DVD/Blu-ray players can be had for $30 (which brings to mind, why dvd and not blu-ray? You can't get *just* a dvd player now.) Still finding the notion of no smart phones-no texting to be hilarious. For that matter, most of those pay-as-you-go services have some form of smart phone.