Mate Claimed  -  Jennifer Ashley

Eric took dating lessons from LL's breeds, I see; stalk and hover around your mate 'til your enemies notice her, then try to hide her in a closet. That's not really a compliment.


So the h is half shifter and has been hiding in plain sight all her life. Her mother, sister, and stepfather all helped hide her. Our H spotted her when her friends (who didn't know) dragged her to a shifter bar, and now he's been following her. Of course, he's rather enhancing the mating frenzy by doing this. (brilliant!!). In the meantime, another shifter town was shut down and its inhabitants forced to move into the H's shifter town. Naturally, a local guvment official can't resist the urge to...experiment, and a bunch of shifters on a bus is too much of a convenient temptation.


Then (after the missing shifters turn up), the genius kidnaps the H's sister, her newborn daughter, and the h. Over the course of the escape/rescue, a strange shifter is found - the result of an earlier round of government experiments.


The issue I had was mostly the H's following her around made her issues far worse because then, not only was she dealing with an aftereffect of transition, she was dealing with a mating heat. And, I can't help but wonder if he knew exactly what he was doing to her, and did it on purpose because then she'd have to come out.


Series issues, part II

More on the collars - still insisting they work of adrenaline. The H, having been experimented on, has an implant he's not aware of, that's even more sensitive to it.


Cell phones. They're not allowed smart phones to keep them from texting. I had to laugh at this, because every cell phone out there, even the $10 tracfone throwaways, has text capabilities. It's not as easy as with a smart phone, to be sure, but it sure isn't impossible.