Hard as a Rock - Christine Warren

Amazingly enough, I actually liked this one. The last one frustrated me - the H and the h had communications issues and the whole thing seemed to be one long misunderstanding (and not a very pleasant one at that).


Our h sought out a guardian either to wake or to well, report back so an actual warden could wake. Only, the guardian had been destroyed before she got there. And...the bad guys had, unbeknownst to anyone, taken over the estate he'd resided. So...instant drama, Of course, a new one arrived in the nick of time, to the h's shock (and the guard's dismay).


There was an issue - the h was born into a family that often produced wardens and had been living in resentment because they wouldn't accept anyone with indoor plumbing for a warden. That and her equal suspicion that the only reason the H wanted her for a mate was to keep from turning to stone.


The H, being newly conjured into existence, hadn't the centuries of dealing with the Guild's sexism so unlike previous Hs, he wasn't an ass. So in a way, her attitude was a bit misplaced.